Your Family Photographs. Scanning Them. Made Easier.

My late grandmother. 1940s.

Over the Easter holiday, I had a chance to digitize some family photographs using my portable scanner. Known as “Flip Pal,” this battery-operated, portable scanner has been all over the place! I have used it countless times at various family members' houses in Ohio, out West and even at a remote village in South America!

The Flip Pal mobile scanner


  1. It's portable
  2. It's light-weight and small (2.5 lbs and dimensions: 12.5 × 9.25 × 2.25 in)
  3. Its scanning features are incredible!
    • Scan Originals
    • Flip and Scan
    • Large Originals
  4. It's battery-operated (4 AA batteries) and utilizes an SD card
  5. It's ideal for 4 x 6 photos or smaller

One unmistakable benefit of this device over conventional flatbed scanners is that you can flip the scanner over, allowing you to scan precious-and perhaps fragile-photographs directly from a photo album. In other words, you don't need to take a photograph out of an album in order to scan it like you likely would need to do if you were using a conventional flatbed scanner.

The versatility of scanning a photograph directly from a photo album with the “Flip and Scan” option, scanning loose photographs with the “Scan Originals” option, or scanning using the “Large Originals” option make for an exceptionally innovative, convenient and easy-to-use device. Take it wherever you need it! In my opinion, it is worth the amount I paid for it. As of this writing, the Flip Pal scanner costs around $180. One other handy tip to consider is that it's best to use rechargeable AA batteries. Even if you can get through a good stack of photographs before it's necessary to change the batteries, it's best to use rechargeable batteries. In the long run, you'll save money.

For more information about the Flip Pal scanner, follow this link:

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